Thursday, April 30, 2015

Savory Cheddar and Thyme Whole Wheat Mini Biscuits | Friday Night Bites

As many of you know, I relish my Fridays, especially the moment work ends and the weekend begins.  Hubby and I celebrate the launch of the weekend with Friday Night Bites.  A few nibbles, a bottle of wine, good conversation and a time to either chill with our favorite television shows or time with friends.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pizza Pinwheels | Secret Recipe Club

It is that time again for the secret reveal.  You might be asking yourself, a secret reveal for what?  It is Secret Recipe Club time again.  It just seems like it was the March reveal and here we are in April.  Time is flying by WAY too quickly. 

This month I was matched with Nicole who publishes a blog called PicNic.  Nicole lives in New Zealand and earned a PhD in Neuroscience/Biochemistry.  In addition to be extremely busy with work she loves to bake and cook. She has a wide variety of recipes on her blog which made it challenging to find the one that I would choose for this month.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Peppercress and Basil Pesto | Blogger C.L.U.E. Society

We had some great rain showers yesterday and today in the Bay Area.  Oh how we need the rain here in California – it was such a welcome event.  We just need about 10 to 15 more Spring Showers here to make a dent in this 4 year drought. Speaking of spring, this month’s Blogger C.L.U.E. Society theme is Spring Vegetables.  I have to declare that the spring time vegetable season is simply stunning.  From asparagus to fava beans, the assortment is spectacular.