When and why did you start this blog?

January 2009 I embarked on the blogging journey by introducing my blog, Authentic Suburban Gourmet. It began as a way to chronicle my recipes and share my thoughts and ideas about food, wine and entertaining. Everything would be all in one spot and with the World Wide Web, I would be able to easily share with my friends and family, anywhere and anytime.

Authentic Suburban Gourmet provides me the opportunity to express my passion, creativity, artistic side and interact with other foodies. I have an absolute affinity and  passion for food, wine and entertaining. The name Authentic Suburban Gourmet spawned from being myself and expressing my creativity and thoughts (authentic) through using ingredients and resources that are available most everywhere (suburban) and bringing an elegant, sophisticated touch (gourmet).

What’s your commenting policy? 

Each time I receive a positive comment, it makes me so happy and smile, so please leave your thoughts. I moderate my comment section and prefer you leave your name, so I can connect with my readers; however, anonymous comments are perfectly acceptable.

A quick note regarding comments that are simply negative or mean spirited, they will not be published.  My philosophy is something that my Mother taught me - "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all".

Who takes the photos? 

I do unless otherwise noted.

What kind of camera do you use?

Until today (8.22.10) I had been using an Olympus FE -230, 7.1 mega pixel – essentially a point and shoot. Google’s Picasa has helped me with enhancing the photos. Now I am using a Cannon EOST5 DSLR camera.  I also use my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Do you accept products for review?

Sure. The majority of the items/products on my blog are my own discovery, things I love and find interesting. I will certainly accept free products, but that doesn't guarantess that I will write about it on the blog.  When products are of high quaility, taste, interesting and intrique me, I will incorporate them into a blog post.

Readers: I will always tell you when I have received a product for free.

PR/Publishers: I link to companies, products, places and things that I love. If you would like to send me something that is relevant to Authentic Suburban Gourmet, please feel free to email me first. I am certainly open to trying your product, but I can’t promise or guarantee that I will mention it on the blog.

Can I use something from your blog?

All of the content on this site are protected by copyright. Please don’t copy anything (photos or text) from my site without my permission. All you have to do is ask - just e-mail me first please.

Can I link to your food blog?

Yes - please do. I would be absolutely honored.

Can we exchange links? 

No, sorry—not my thing.

I do have various links on San Francisco Bay Area blogs, tasty blogs, baking blogs and wine blogs. Feel free to check them out. These are links that I am excited about and enjoy reading. However, if you have a great site you’d like to bring to my attention, please email me and I will review. I always love to see new and exciting blogs.

Do you accept guest posts?

Since starting my blog, I have developed many wonderful friendships with other food bloggers.  I have been asked by several fellow food bloggers to contribute a guest post to their blogs and each time, it is quite an honor.  At this point, I do not accept unsolicited invitations from individuals asking to do a guest post on my site.  Since my blog is personal, any guest posts on my site, would come from me personally extending an invitation to be a guest poster.

What is it that you really do during the day?

Vice President | Talent Acquisition

What would we be surprised to learn about you?

I collect Barbies.

Do you have favorite foods?

Now that is a loaded question. I love most food. A few of my favorites include: coffee ice cream, cr̬me brulee, gnocchi, braised short ribs, cheese, appetizers, Thai food and much more Рtoo long of a list!

What about foods you won’t eat?

Just a few come to mind: broccoli, sushi, clams, mussels and liver.

Do you create the recipes on the blog?

Quite a large number of the recipes are originals by me and I will note on each blog post.  With such wonderful food bloggers and other culinary sites, I am often inspired and will try out different recipes.  Often I will adapt the recipe to suit my own personal tastes or change the directions to make it easier to make.  In any event, I will note in each blog post.