Restaurant Notes

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by some of the preeminent restaurants in the world. For a foodie, dining out is almost another art form, along with a rewarding experience. My restaurant choices span the standards, new, celebrity chef, traditional to the small neighborhood gem.

I am not a professional restaurant reviewer, don’t visit multiple times, take notes or go incognito. I write up reviews simply because I enjoyed the experience and want to share with my readers. It is purely my impression of the experience I had along with photos I snap of the meal and a description of what I enjoyed while dining. I believe that the glass is half full and wish to remain positive, thus the majority of the reviews will not focus on the negative. If I have a complete negative experience, I will typically not include that experience on the blog.

I have created a "Restaurant Club" with a few friends. The premise is that we choose a restaurant that none of us have ever experienced. We rotate who makes the selection and that person also pays for lunch. We then rotate around the group. It is a fun way to try new restaurants, catch up with friends and experience all that the Bay Area has to offer.


Murray's Circle in Saualito
Lovejoy's Tea Room in San Francisco
Lark Creek in Walnut Creek
Bouchon in Yountville
Artisan Bistro in Lafayette
The Vine at Bridges in Danville
Zuni Cafe in San Francisco
Slanted Door in San Francisco
Metro Lafayette
Chez Panisse in Berkeley
Cesar on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland
Bottega in Yountville
Bake Sale Betty's
Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg
Redd Napa Valley
Wood Tavern in Oakland
Ad Hoc in Yountville
Tyler Florence's - Rotisserie & Wine
Napa Valley Jewel:  Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen