Sunday, July 19, 2015

Brie, Bacon and Fig Jam Tarts | Secret Recipe Club

If you have been following my foodie adventures for a while now, you know I absolutely love appetizers.  I take pleasure in a one to two bite delight that is packed with flavor and is full of various textures.  Even when we are at home regardless of the day of the week, enjoying appetizers makes us feel like we are celebrating.

Hubby and I are hooked on a show that airs on the Hallmark Channel called Cedar Cove.  Saturday night was the 2 hour season premier and we could hardly wait to view it.  We actually don’t call it Cedar Cove but rather "the feel good show” since overall it is a happy show with some twists and turns along the way.  We felt the premier deserved an appetizer dinner along with a great bottle of wine. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Crinkle Sugar Cookies | Blogger C.L.U.E. Society

Summer is in full force!  Tis the season for grilling, BBQ’s, vacations, flip flops, longer days and warm summer evenings. I love this time of year with all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are full of flavor, especially the corn, tomatoes and stone fruits are among my favorites.  It is hard to believe that we over halfway done with 2015 and before you know it, the holiday season will be around the corner.

Before we start celebrating the holiday season, I want to fully embrace the summer season and all that it has to offer.  My grill has been busy with chicken and vegetables lately along with fresh salads.  Speaking of grilling, it is time for Blogger C.L.U.E. Society and our theme this month was “Summer Barbecue/Grilling – grilled vegetables or meats, main courses or side dishes or desserts or drinks that would be great at a barbecue”.  What a fun theme and the possibilities were endless.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pecan-Cheddar Coins | Friday Night Bites

Today is my Friday.  I am taking a few extra days off to enjoy the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend. It is a time to: de-stress, relax, eat great food, exercise, drink wonderful wine, and spend time with hubby, friends and family.  I know it has been several weeks since the last Friday Night Bites post but I am happy to announce that the series is back.