Thursday, February 27, 2014

Petite Sage and Gruyere Biscuits | Friday Night Bites

Back in December I made the most magnificent biscuits.  After visiting the biscuit bender 6 months ago in the San Francisco Ferry Building I was on a quest to create biscuits as good as his or better.  I believe I accomplished my task with these heavenly biscuits. 

Since the end of last year when I hosted our annual food bloggerscookie exchange and lunch, I promised I would post my recipe for the biscuits I served.  Finally that day has arrived.  I know that Patti, Liren, Jean, Azmina, Lisa and Gina will be thrilled to be able to make these at home.  Knowing these talented ladies, they will put a twist on the recipe and come up with a fun variation.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Greek Yogurt Handmade Granola Parfait + Tillamook Farmstyle Brunch Highlights

When an invitation came via email from Kelly at SodaPop PR to attend a Farmstyle Brunch sponsored by Tillamook at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in the Mission district in San Francisco, it was an instantaneous YES! Tillamook is one of those well respected brands that I have enjoyed for years.  I have long associated them with their infamous medium sharp cheddar cheese and learned quickly that they have expanded their brand into other products.  The focus of the brunch was to introduce their new Farmstyle Greek Yogurt.  By the way, Tillamook makes butter, sour cream, yogurt and ice cream.  Note to self, need to buy some of their ice cream pronto.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oven Fries with Sriracha Ketchup | Friday Night Bites

My inspiration for this week’s Friday Night Bites came from my hubby.  He adores ketchup with his French fries and on his scrambled eggs. My cooking bucket list has had homemade ketchup waiting a long time to be crossed off – now I can take that black sharpie and cross it off.  I could not just make simple ketchup but had to kick it up a notch with Sriracha.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lemon Currant Cream Scones | Secret Recipe Club

Weekend mornings at our house are sometimes quite frankly lazy days.  Hubby and I work long hours all week and come the weekend, it is time to let our hair down, keep our pajamas on, sip on some freshly brewed coffee and enjoyed a handmade breakfast.  Lately I have been on a Steel Cut Oatmeal kick and can’t get enough.  The hearty flavor with a touch of brown sugar is simply love in a bowl.  Albeit, the time (almost 30 minutes) one must put into coking this bowl of love, it is very much worth the time for tasty and healthy reasons.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mini Grilled Cheese with Jalapeno Apricot Relish | Friday Night Bites

Last weekend I was invited by Tillamook Cheese and Soda PopPR to attend a Farmstyle Brunch at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco’s mission district.  I love a great grilled cheese sandwich and have long admired the Tillamook brand, so it was a no brainer – I needed to attend.  Who knew Tillamook made more than their famous medium cheddar cheese?  Well they do. In addition to cheese, they make ice cream, butter, sour cream, yogurt and their latest product launch is for their Greek style yogurt.  By the way, it is different than the typical Greek yogurt and quite frankly I am now hooked on it.  I will have a detailed post highlighting the brunch and yogurt coming in about a week.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Deviled Egg Cups | Friday Night Bites

I had every intention of making deviled eggs.  However, after I realized something went astray from my cooking process with the eggs and peeling each one was going to take 10 years – I went into plan B.  Today I am sharing “plan B” with all of you.  The age old phrase – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Thinking quick on my feet, I went into my impromptu plan B – the Deviled Egg Cup.  The end result was simply divine and it will be a repeat appetizer for sure.

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