Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wild Mushroom Crostini + Giveaway Winner Announced

As promised, I would announce the winner of the giveaway from the Crostini Challenge blog post on July 29th. First, I wanted to determine my method for randomly picking the winner and my husband was out with the "boys" today, so there went that idea. Then I thought, Max my Lasha Apso was a perfect choice.

I proceeded to write all of the participants names on small pieces of paper and folded them up. I grabbed my camera, the folded pieces of paper and Max. Quickly tossing them on the carpet, I followed Max to the first piece that he went to eat and then the winner was chosen. Pretty cleaver way to pull the winner, huh?

With that, I would like to announce the winner……………drum roll please………………I would like to congratulate Jean from Lemons and Anchovies. Jean – please email me the address that you would like me to send the Bruschetta book to. Congratulations!!

The foodie community is comprised of such talented and creative people. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s ideas and wanted to highlight a few. First, Lindsay from Love and Olive Oil shared Green Bean and Garlic Scape Bruschetta. If you have not visited her site, I would recommend it highly. She is a very talented gal with wonderful ideas and photography.

Next I enjoyed hearing from Sara at CaffeIna who said the best one she has ever eaten was with goat cheese and grapefruit jam. That one sounds absolutely amazing and unique – a must try indeed! Check out Sara’s blog for tasty baked treats that will make your mouth water.

Kate from Kate is Cooking shared her recipe that her daughter in law brought to Thanksgiving dinner for Garlic Shrimp Crostini. It looks simple but packed with flavor. Aren’t those the best kinds of appetizers?

Gina and Robbyn from What’s for Dinner Across State Lines shared a great idea for a Crostini. “I like to make them on sourdough baguettes with sun dried tomato pesto, mascarpone cheese, a little arugula, bresaola (dried cured beef) and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil!” Give a peak to Kate and Gina/Robbyn’s blogs!

Here is another Crostini that is one of my favorites and simple to make. It is Wild Mushroom Crostini and you can mix up the combinations of mushrooms to your taste. The addition of thyme and crème Fraiche add a delicate finish.

Wild Mushroom Crostini

3 C. Assorted wild mushrooms, finely chopped
1 Shallot, minced
2 t. Fresh thyme leaves
3 T. Butter
1 T. Crème Fraiche
5.2 oz. Boursin Cheese, garlic and fine herbs
Salt and Pepper
Baguette, sliced thin and toasted golden brown (about 24)

In a large skillet, turn the heat to medium high and add the butter. Let melt and be careful not to burn. Then quickly add the mushrooms & shallots and cook for about 5 minutes until golden brown. Add salt and pepper along with the thyme leaves. Cook for one minute. Take off the heat and stir in the crème Fraiche. Spread about two teaspoons of the boursin cheese on the crostini and spoon about one tablespoon on each toasted baguette and serve.


  1. Congratulations to Jean! I am very happy you mentioned a few ideas from the just gave me a bunch of fantastic ideas for a crostini night with friends! Way to go bloggers! I really hope Max got a piece of the wild mushroom crostini to try as compensation for his hard job :)

  2. All great ideas for crostini! Congrats to Jean.

  3. Yay, I never win anything! Thanks so much, Lisa--and of course, Max! I meant to add that my favorite crostini is one that has melted gorgonzola on it and is drizzled with honey. Simple but good.

    I'm so excited to receive this book. Maybe then I can create some wonderful crostinis like you share with us here.

    Thanks so much again! :-)

  4. Great flavors! Your recipe brought back memories of my mom's recipe for mushrooms stuffed with Boursin. Hmmm, now I am really getting hungry!

  5. These look fantastic and all the suggestions sound really good too. Great job and keep up the good work. Also, I love the way you chose the winner! Nothing like relying on a dog's instinct :)

  6. This just looks like something I would love! I just have to try this now that I have seen it! Thanks so much! (cute puppy!)

  7. Love the crostini. I've been eating more mushroom but get bored of my typical dishes I make with them. Thanks for the post!

  8. Oh how I love thyme! I can compose and sing love songs to thyme. A perfect herb in a perfect crostini!

  9. Love your crostini recipe, and I love Max! What a cutie! Such a clever way to pick a winner :)

  10. This was really good, and flavors develop the next day. its just not enough. Gonna try adding cauliflower, and making it in the cast iron.

  11. All the crostinis look so delicious! I really can't wait to try some..

  12. Preheat broiler. Top each toast with about 1 tablespoon mushroom topping. Place on 2 rimmed baking sheets. Working in batches, broil until cheese is melted and begins to brown, watching closely to prevent burning, about 3 minutes. Transfer to serving platter. Serve warm.

  13. Congratulations Jean :) This crostini is fantastic...Love that you used varied types of mushrooms.

  14. This was a recipe we made during a class at Sur la Table. It was so good, we ate all of them prior to finishing the other dishes!

  15. I can compose and sing love songs to thyme. A perfect herb in a perfect crostini!


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