Thursday, February 21, 2013

Whiskey Apricot Meatballs | Friday Night Bites

Hubby loves meatballs.  They can be with or without sauce.  He just plain loves those little nuggets of joy.  He prefers my homemade ones but the mini party meatballs from Trader Joe’s work just fine too.  Of course, those need to be sauced up.  With the simplicity of the frozen variety, a great sauce is just what the doctor ordered. 

Since 2013 kicked off, work for both of us has been crazy busy and stressful.  Our Friday nights are sacred to us and highly cherished.  Recently we had some friends join us for our weekly tradition.  I wanted to go simple yet pack a “punch of flavor” and create my own sauce recipe.

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While driving to work, I often pass the time by creating new recipes in my head and then test them out over the weekend.  This recipe for Whiskey Apricot Meatballs was just one of those creations conjured up while in commute traffic.  The result was one tasty meatball.  Let’s just say that both hubby and friends were smiling.

If you want a quick and simple appetizer to serve for a cocktail party or simply watching your favorite sports game over the weekend, this is a winner. 

Whiskey Apricot Meatballs

12 oz. Jar of Chili Sauce
18 oz. Jar of Apricot Preserves
1/3 Cup Whiskey
½ Cup Dried Apricots, small dice
1 Lb. Frozen Meatballs (I used the Mini Party Meatballs from Trader Joe’s)

In a medium pot, add the chili sauce, apricot preserves, whiskey and diced dried apricots and heat over medium until slightly bubbling.  Add the frozen meatballs and let simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.  Serve in a bowl or in a small chaffing dish to keep warm.

Note:  Feel free to add additional whiskey if that suits your palate.


  1. You should start a meatball series! That alone will get you so many recipes! I like that you've made Thai-style and other different styles with your meatballs! Whiskey Apricot sounds just as delicious!

  2. What a multi-tasker you are. I couldn't possibly drive, pay attention to the road AND think up great recipes like this! :)

  3. These meatballs look delicious, Lisa! You had me at whiskey. ;)

  4. OH YUM!!! Like hysterical Val's comment...the whiskey called me in! :)

  5. I'm with Valerie. Love the apricot infusion, too.

    It's funny, I get ideas for recipes at night or anytime I'm far away from a pen and paper so I can't write the idea down. You have a lot of brilliant ones, these meatballs included. :)

  6. My hubby loves meatballs, too, and these look amazing and a bit more upscale than those made with grape jelly :)

  7. I would love to try this recipe, but unfortunately I love whiskey and am not sure if it my Jack will stay in stock long enough :P Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  8. These sound incredible, Lisa! Love that sauce!

  9. You know how much I love meatballs, I tell you ever time you post about them. These sound amazing with the sauce. We are having meatballs for dinner tonight, hopefully they are good as these look!

  10. Lovely and delicious sounding! I'm so glad you have a commute to dream up these wonderful recipes.

  11. They look lovely! Such good flavors, I'd love to try these out.

  12. I love meatballs-in sandwiches, soup, pasta, sauce....all good ;-)
    Great sauce on your meat balls here-you have such a lucky hubby;-)

  13. Wow, Lisa, this is brilliant, and I just love how you came up with this as you were driving! Yummy yummy yummy!

  14. My husband and I both love meatballs. Somehow it feels like you get your serving of meat without overdoing it, unless of course you eat the entire bowl. Of course with as tasty as these sound I could see over eating. These sound wonderful!

  15. I just made meatballs for the first time last week. I made the 4 Ingredient Porcupine Meatballs from the Jamie Cooks It Up blog. They were so good! Now I can't wait to try your recipe. Thanks!


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