Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wild Mushroom Bites | Friday Night Bites

Life has been quite hectic lately.  Some of you may have noticed that last week the Friday Night Bites series took a hiatus.  The good news is I am back and super excited to share this week’s Friday Night Bites.  I had envisioned this little delight for sometime and finally I am able to share with all of you.  The idea of creating a little box or package out of bread and then serving a delectable mushroom duxelle that adorns the top of each one simply made me smile.

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I have to admit something to all of you – I am a Bravo-holic!  For those of you out there who share the same addition, you know what I mean.  My obsession is with the Bravo Network - from the Real Housewives to Millionaire Matchmaker to Flipping Out to my latest addition – Southern Charm.  I am simply enthralled and amazed by the lifestyles depicted on this show – can this be real? Please chime in if you saw the latest episode where Whitney’s mother Patricia shares her thoughts about her son’s past girlfriends and then shoots down his restaurant idea again.  She exclaims at one point – “It’s kind of pedestrian and banal”.  Her inflections and mannerisms are simply entertaining.  

Hubby and I actually enjoyed these little mushroom bites while watching Southern Charm and being completely entertained.  Bravo in my opinion is the perfect network to enjoy after a long day at work and you simply want to be entertained and amused.  By the way, your favorite Pinot Noir would be the perfect pairing for these appetizers.  Happy Friday Night Bites everyone!!!

Wild Mushroom Bites

Makes 24

Bread Boxes
1 Sourdough Loaf
4 Tablespoon Butter
1 Tablespoon Bourbon

Slice the loaf in half and then cut 7 to 8 sliced of the loaf about one inch thick.  Remove the crusts and then cut into one inch cubes.  Gently remove a bit of the middle of the bread on each cube by pinching and removing about a half inch down each cube. 

In a sauce pan, melt the butter and bourbon together.  Once melted brush onto all sides of the bread cubes and place into an oven that has been preheated to 350 degrees.  Bake for about 10 to 15 minutes or until golden brown.  It is best to rotate every 3 or 4 minutes to brown each side.  Remove and let cool.

Mushroom Mixture
3 oz. Portabella Mushrooms, cleaned and finely diced
2 oz. Shiitake Mushrooms, cleaned and finely diced
2 oz. Oyster Mushrooms, cleaned and finely diced
3 Tablespoon Butter
2 Garlic Cloves, peeled and minced fine
1 Large Shallot, peeled and minced fine
1 teaspoon Fresh Thyme leaves
Flat leaf parsley for garnish

In a large skillet add the butter and let melt over medium heat then add the garlic and cook for one more minute.  Next add the mushrooms and turn the heat up to medium high and cook along with using thongs to toss frequently.  Season with salt and pepper and add the fresh thyme a few minutes into the cooking process.   Cook until a medium brown and fragrant, about 5 to 9 minutes.  Remove from the heat.

To assemble:
Take each bread box and add a heaping teaspoon of the mushroom mixture to each one.  Begin by filling the small hole in the middle then add to top each bread box.  Once all are complete, arrange onto a serving tray and garnish with finely chopped flat leaf parsley and serve.  Perfect to serve at room temperature.


  1. Oh, how cute (and scrumptious!). Love the mushroom photo. Also, I'll have to start paying closer attention to Bravo! :D

  2. I love mushrooms, these bites are a dream! Love the brush of butter and bourbon too :).

  3. Looks super delicious and perfect.. great preparation!

  4. Impressive! I love mushrooms and can hardly wait to try these little bites...
    Have a great weekend!

  5. OOO, this looks so good. I love bread and mushrooms, so perfect. Bookmarking.

  6. Your little bites are perfect to serve with cocktails. Karen

  7. perfection! I am a mushroom lover and i love how these are bite size

  8. Tasty bites-love the Bourbon flavor with the mushrooms-perfect treat for a night with the Housewives ;) How about New York-they are crazy fighting this season ;)


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