Thursday, October 6, 2022

Tasting Guide | B Cellars

Hubby and I recently visited another wine country gem called B Cellars in Oakville.  It is nestled within some of the world's most celebrated wineries including Silver Oak, Rudd and Colgin Cellars.  as mentioned on their website, their vision is "Our vision embraces responsible use and protection of our natural environment through conservation and sustainable business practices.  Central to B Cellars purpose is maintaining equilibrium between guest engagement through highly curated, highly personalized wine and food pairing experiences and the primary use of the winery as an agricultural facility. 

We entered this stunning property through a long driveway to arrive at the entrance to the tasing room and were greeted by one of the experience hosts - a highly impressive touch and a hint of what type of experience we would be in for.

When we entered this beautiful room, we had a feast of the eyes.  Our host Christopher greeted us with a glass of Blend 23 and a magnificent bite of culinary genius.  It was a cucumber slice with whipped goat cheese, finely diced heirloom peach, cider syrup and a chiffonade of fresh basil. It was a perfect pairing to enjoy.

We took our glass of Blend 23 to tour the gardens and estate.

A wall covered by lush green ivy along with large wood doors was the entrance to the Wine Cave Grand Salon where the stunning caves housed the barrels and luxurious private tasting rooms.  We will request Christopher on our next visit and reserve one of these stunning rooms.

Christopher shared that the owners decided not to finish the end of th eaves but other have the natural stone stay exposed with dribble of water visible.  Quite beautiful.

Several life size human sculptures are sprinkled among the winery grounds.  These real life looking sculptures of fully dressed humans were created by the artist Seward Johnson.  It adds a bit of whimsy and great photo opportunities for the guests and a conversation starter.

The legendary and pioneering grower of  Beckstoffer Vineyards is proud of its long term partnership with b cellars.  Beckstoffer has a portfolio of seven single vineyard heritage wines.  We tasted three different Beckstoffer wines and purchased a bottle of the 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Georges III Vineyard. The aromatics are leaning toward the red fruits, plum, raspberries, and cherries, with oolong and white teas, green olives, and peppery spices.  The tannins are fine-grained, dusty, and mouth-filling, and the mouth feel is generous, with a full glycerol response around your palate. The flavors are ripe red fruits, wet earth, espresso, orange rind and dusty tannins.  We are saving this bottle in our cellar to our 25th wedding anniversary in 2023.

B cellars has a exemplary chef onsite who creates small bites of exquisite, complex yet approachable bites that pair beautifully with the wineries supreme wines.  When the plate of bites arrived, I ate with my eyes first and had to simply immerse myself into the moment. 
The small bites from left to right:
  • Sushi Roll with Wasabi and Fresno Chili Puree (Paired with 2021 Rose)
  • Duck Confit in Phyllo Dough, Apple Butter, Apple Relish (Paired with 2019 Calesa Vineyard Pinot Noir)
  • Lamb Slider on a Handmade Potato Bun with Mascarpone, Pistachios, Pickled Onion (Paired with 2019 Frediani Vineyard Petite Sirah and 2019 Ehrlich Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon)

I highly encourage you to make a reservation for "The Oakville Trek" - you will not be disappointed.  The grounds are beautiful.  The wines are divine.  The hospitality is on point and will exceed your expectations.  


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