Friday, April 9, 2010

BLT Bites

Who in this world doesn’t love a good bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich? These are mini versions which are perfect for a cocktail party or kids.

Today I attended a “Celebration of Life” for a little girl named Chloe who lost her six month battle to brain cancer. It was an emotional service however the love expressed for Chloe was tremendous and how she touched everyone’s heart. She is a special little angel who will always be in my heart and I dedicate this posting to an extraordinary little princess.

BLT Bites

Bacon, 6 slices cooked crispy
6 Slices white bread
12 slices of tomato
1 C. Arugula

Cut off the crusts on each slice of bread, cut each slice into four squares and toast. To assemble, spread mayonnaise on each toasted square, add the tomato slice, then one half slice of crispy bacon and top with a few arugula leaves. Place the other slice of toasted bread on top and secure with a tooth pick.

Makes 12 BLT bites

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