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Monte Cristo Bites with Raspberry Bourbon Jam | Secret Recipe Club

Time seems to be spinning faster and faster.  Do you feel that way too?  It is hard to believe we are entrenched in the fall season with the leaves changing to those beautiful autumnal shades of brown, orange and yellow.  Living in Northern California, we experience the changing of the seasons however it is subtle as opposed to other regions around America.  I am still sporting my flip flops on the weekends and perfect painted toes, but this shall become a distant memory in the next month or so.  We are currently enjoying what we deem – Indian summer.  It is a time where we have mildly warm weather, shorter daytime light and little to no rain.  It is an exquisite time of year in Northern California.

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Speaking of time whizzing by, it is that time of the month for the Secret Recipe Club big reveal.  If you are not familiar with the Secret Recipe Club, let me give you the readers digest version.  Essentially there are 200 food bloggers who belong to this online cooking club and we are paired with another bloggers to peruse through their blog for a few weeks and then select a recipe that we create and have the option to add our own spin. 

This month I was paired with Debbi from Debbi Does Dinner Healthy.  Debbi is also the “Hostess with the Mostess” for Group C of Secret Recipe Club.  Debbi is a Day Care Provider who lives in Minneapolis.  She made a conscious decision to cook differently for her family by making healthy, low calorie meals without loosing any flavor in the process. In addition, she has a keen eye for stretching her dollar while producing fantastic meals. 

After reviewing her blog for a couple weeks and drooling over so many delicious recipes, I selected her Monte Cristo Sandwich for a few reasons.  First, it has been on my food blog bucket list and second, they are just plain DELICIOUS!  If you are a regular to my blog, you know that I adore appetizers.  With that spirit in mind, I decided to kick up the traditional Monte Cristo sandwich by making mini bite sized sandwiches along with an enhanced raspberry jam.  The result was nothing short of supreme!  Although not a healthy and low calorie version, they were quite tasty and a true treat.  Thank you Debbi for the inspiration and I hope you like my kicked up version!

Monte Cristo Bites with Raspberry Bourbon Jam

Make 24 Bites

1 Egg
2 Cups Water
1 ¾ Cups Flour
¼ teaspoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Vanilla
1 teaspoon Baking Powder

In a large bowl, add the egg, water and vanilla and whisk until combined.  Add the salt, baking powder and flour and whisk until smooth.  Set aside until ready to prepare sandwiches.

8 Slices White Bread
6 Deli Sliced Jarlsburg
4 Large Slices of Deli Turkey
4 Large Slices of Black Forest Ham

Take two slices of bread and lay on top of a board.  Add a slice of turkey to one side and black forest ham to the other side.  Add 1 ½ slices of the jarlsburg to the top of the ham.  Lay the turkey side on top of the cheese.  Press lightly together.  Trim the edges with a sharp knife.  Proceed to cut the bread into 6 cubes. 

Tip:  Use white bread that is a couple days old so it is firmer.  I like potato sandwich bread.

2/3 Cup Raspberry Jam
2 teaspoons of Bourbon
Powdered Sugar

To assemble:

Heat a quart of canola oil in a cast iron skillet to 360 degrees.  Use a thermometer to check temperature and reduce heat if getting too hot or the sandwiches will burn. 

Dip each cube into the batter and shake off the excess.  Gently lay into the hot oil and flip on each side until golden brown.  Cook in batches of 6.  Lay cooked sandwiches on a cookie sheet and keep hot in a 350 degree oven until all batches are complete.  Lay on a platter and sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with the raspberry bourbon jam.


  1. Wow, you made this look way better than I ever did. This is my daughters favorite sandwich and requests it all the time. So glad you liked it! I'll have to try it your way as an appetizer, thanks!

  2. OMG we just happen to have some Jarslberg in the fridge. Will have to make these lovelies pronto!!!

  3. What a delicious looking meal, appetizer, snack, breakfast, I could think of so many reasons to eat these!

  4. These bites look divine, I love the salty-sweet flavors!

  5. There is only one problem here, Lisa...I wouldn't be happy eating only one. These bites look so amazing that I'd need many of them. I am so sharing this recipe!

  6. I love Monte Cristos...the more jelly the better. These are gorgeous!

  7. Love, love, love Monte Cristos. I tried making them once and it failed- will definitely be trying this recipe!

  8. Time is flying by! It's hard to believe that my Lucy is almost 4 months old! And these sandwiches look heavenly. I ADORE a good monte cristo. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Love these little bite size kicked up version of monte cristo sandwiches! The raspberry sauce goes perfectly, great job Lisa!

  10. What a creative little recipe - how inspiring!

  11. No way! Just a few weeks ago a food-loving friend of mine told me about the "Monte Cristo," something totally new to me. And here you are! Did you read my mind;)
    Hope you are well, Lisa!

  12. Loooove that sweet & salty combo! I could eat these for any meal of the day :)

  13. Mmm, almost like dessert for dinner...

  14. LISA! I'm not ordinarily a monte cristo kinda gal, but your raspberry bourbon jam would convert me. I literally just ran across the apartment to show the bf your dish - it's perfect for us! Monte Cristo for him, sweet bourbon sauce for me!

    Happy SRC reveal fellow Group C SRC'er!

  15. Perfect appetizer. I have a luncheon coming up and like to do different things - this is it this month. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I have not had a monte cristo since I was kid, must consider making this (but will leave the crust on)

  17. What a great choice, Lisa! I have Monte cristos for the first time on my this bite sized version!!!

  18. i love that these are bite sized! SOOOOO DELICIOUS what a great choice you made

  19. Yum-these bites look fantastic- now they are on my bucket list of recipes to try....thanks for sharing this one Lisa!

  20. Love, love this sandwich--the perfect combination for me. :)


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