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Almond Shortbread Cookies (Mantecaditos) | Blogger C.L.U.E. Society

Tis the season to celebrate!  We wait all year long for this time of year and then it is over in a blink of the eye.  I try to relish every moment and not rush any day.  When I think of the holidays many things come to mind – sparkling lights, holiday decorations, parties, festive cocktails, spending time with family and friends and cookies.  Yes, the last one I mentioned is cookies.

I like to bake cookies year round, but at this time of year there is something extra special about baking. I enjoy trying new recipes along with traditional time tested favorites.  I went to our 4th annual food blogger cookie exchange on Saturday with some of my favorite Bay Area food bloggers who I can honestly say are truly great friends.  We had a gourmet potluck and everyone out did themselves this year with the assortment of cookies that they baked and packaged up so beautifully. In addition, I participated again in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap and have received my 3 dozen cookies from three terrific food bloggers. Keep an eye out for a post coming soon on both of the above mentioned events.

Speaking of cookies and celebrations, this month’s theme for Blogger C.L.U.E. Society is anything having to do with celebrating.  I was paired with Lauren from Sew You Think YouCan Cook.  She resides in Ohio with her hubby and two sons.  She left her job as an Aerospace Engineer to stay home with her first son and hopes of becoming a caterer.  She love cooking, quilting, cross stitch and blogging.  Lauren played the violin, doesn’t care for the color pink, obsessed with Candy Crush, fears roaches (I do too) and secretly wishes she was a Victoria Secret Model. 

I had a blast browsing through Lauren’s blog to find just the right recipe for the December them of celebration.  I kept coming back to cookies and had to stick to my guns on that one.  After looking through her recipe index, I was intrigued by the recipe for Mantecaditos.  I had never heard of them before, so that was half the fun and staying true to our club of the Blogger C.L.U.E. Society.  I quickly learned that they cookies are from Puerto Rico and are an almond shortbread cookie that is extremely light and almost melt in your mouth. You can use almond flour or all purpose, which I did. The key is to use your thumb or a teaspoon to make an indent in the center and fill with colored sprinkles.  I used holiday colors to make it festive and ready for a celebration.  I altered the recipe slightly by increasing the almond extract, adding a touch of baking soda and using 100% shortening.  Thank you Lauren for a great recipe and introducing me to a new favorite cookie I will be making for years to come.

Almond Shortbread Cookies (Mantecaditos)

Makes 24 Cookies

2 Cups All Purpose Flour
½ teaspoon Salt
¼ teaspoon Baking Soda
1 Cup Shortening
½ Cup Sugar
1 Egg Yolk
1 ½ teaspoon Almond Extract

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a stand mixer, fitted with a paddle attachment cream the shortening and sugar together.  Add the salt, baking soda and almond extract and mix.  Next add the egg yolk and mix until combined.  Slowly add the flour until incorporated.

Use a small one inch cookie scoop to form one inch balls.  Place a dozen on a prepared cookie sheet and press flat and use a ½ round teaspoon to create a well in the center.  Pour sprinkles in the well.  Bake for 8 to 12 minutes.  Remove carefully onto a wire rack to cool.  Enjoy!

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    1. Who doesn't love shortbread? Especilally for the holidays! These thumbrint cookies look both festive and delicious!!!

    2. Shortbread makes me sigh with pleasure, especially when it's sitting next to my cup of coffee. :)

    3. Just the mention of shortbread and I am in line! These are cute little guys. Love almond!!

    4. Shortbread is my favorite....I just can't seem to get enough of it.

    5. Love those holiday sprinkles. Thanks for sharing my blog today!

    6. This recipe reminds of a vintage recipe from a favorite great aunt, but she called them Amish Sugar Cookies. Apparently this is such a great cookie it crosses all cultural boundaries! :)

    7. OH! I have been seeing these cookies in my facebook feed and they are truly tempting. Loved seeing all the familiar faces at your cookie exchange!

    8. You really can't have too many cookies this time of the year! I saw these on your IG and thought, "her coworkers are so lucky!" So great seeing you at the cookie swap friend!

    9. Beautiful! And, I think I've got some almond flour that needs to be used up. Maybe I'll bake a bit for the holidays :-)

    10. I love cookies. These look really delicious.


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