Friday, February 12, 2016

Parmesan and Thyme Wonton Crackers | Friday Night Bites

It is Friday Night Bite time already!  This week is extra special since we have a holiday weekend ahead.  Gosh I love a three day weekend.  No worries about having to get up early on Monday and your Sunday evening feels more like a Saturday.  One extra day makes all the difference in the world.

While scrolling through Facebook a week ago, I saw a link to an article titled – “Advice from some old people”.  It looked interesting so I clicked on it.  Whether you are young, middle aged or older, the points in the article are very much on point.  I figure you are never too old to take some of the points to heart.  I have pasted the 20 points below for everyone to review and decide if they want to take to heart or not.  I particularly liked #1, #3, #7, #11 and #16.

  1. The most important person in your life is the person who agreed to share their life with you.  Treat them as such.
  2. You might live a long life, or you might live a short one – who knows.  But either way, trust me when I say that you’re going to wish you took better care of yourself in your youth.
  3. Stuff is just stuff.  Don’t hold onto material objects; hold onto time and experiences instead.
  4. Jealousy destroys relationships. Trust your significant other, because who else are you suppose to trust?
  5. People always say, “Make sure you get a job doing what you love!” But that isn’t the best advice. The right job is the job you love some days, can tolerate most days, and still pays the bills. Almost nobody had a job they love every day.
  6. If you’re getting overwhelmed by life, just return to the immediate present moment and savor all that is beautiful and comforting.  Take a deep breath, relax.
  7. Years go by in a blink of an eye.  Don’t marry young.  Live your life. Go places. Do things. If you have the means or not.  Pack a bag and go wherever you can afford to go.  While you have no dependents, don’t buy stuff.  Any stuff.  See the world.  Look through travel magazines and pick a spot. GO!
  8. Don’t take life so seriously.  Even if things seem dark and hopeless, try to laugh at how ridiculous life it.
  9. A true friend will come running if you call them at 2am.  Everyone else is just an acquaintance.
  10. Children grow up way too fast.  Make the most of the time you have with them.
  11. Nobody ever dies wishing they had worked more.  Work hard, but don’t prioritize work over family, friends, or even yourself.
  12. Eat and exercise like you’re a diabetic heart patient with a stroke – so you never actually become one.
  13. Maybe this one isn’t as profound as the others, but I think it’s important … Floss regularly, dental problems are awful.
  14. Don’t take anyone else’s advice as gospel.  You can ask for advice from someone you respect, then take your situation into consideration and make your own decision.  Essentially, take your own advice is my advice.
  15. The joints you damage today will get their revenge later.  Even if you think they’ve recovered completely.  Trust me!
  16. We have one time on this earth.  Don’t wake up and realize that you are 60 years old and haven’t done the things you dreamed about.
  17. Appreciate the small things and to be present in the moment. What do I mean?  Well, it seems today like younger people are all about immediate gratification.  Instead, why not appreciate every small moment? We don’t get to stay on this crazy/wonderful planet forever and the greatest pleasures can be found in the most mundane of activities.  Instead of sending a text, pick up the phone and call someone.  Call your mother, have a conversation about nothing in particular. Those are the moments to hold onto.
  18. Pay your bills and stay the hell out of debt. If I could have paid myself all the money I’ve paid out in interest over the years, I’d be retired already.
  19. If you have a dream of being or doing something that seems impossible, try for it anyway.  It will only become more impossible as you age and become responsible for other people.
  20. When you meet someone for the first time, stop and realize that you really know nothing about them.  You see race, gender, age, clothes.  Forget it all. You know nothing.  Those biased assumptions that pop into your head because of the way your brain likes categories, are limiting your life, and other people’s lives.

Life is zooming by so quickly so hopefully a few resonated for you. Now that we deviated from our tasty Friday Night Bites, let’s bring the focus back to the appetizer for this week.  It has to be one of the simplest appetizers and pretty darn tasty ones I have had in a while.  It is one of those recipes you can make if guests stop by unexpectedly.  They are crispy wonton bites with parmesan and thyme. 

I paired with a Grgich Hills Estate Sauvignon Blanc and it was simply perfect with this light cracker.  It is a limited production and only available to wine club members. It has hints of apple, pear, citrus and a light grassy undertone.  It has a smooth finish and simply a delightful wine. I have belonged to their wine club for many years and always get excited when it arrives to my office!

Parmesan and Thyme Wonton Crackers

Makes 50

½ Cup Olive Oil
25 Wonton Wrappers
1 Cup Parmesan Cheese
½ Cup Parsley, finely minced
¼ Cup Fresh Thyme Leaves
Salt and Pepper

Cut each wonton wrapper in half.  Brush with olive oil and place onto a cookie sheet.  Top each one first with salt and pepper, then with a large pinch of parmesan cheese, a small pinch of parsley and a few thyme leaves.

Bake at 375 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes.  Let cool and enjoy. Store in an airtight container up to 3 days.


  1. Lisa, love these 20 items! Number 3 is my mantra:-)

    And love those crackers! What a wonderful idea for the next weekend.

    Have a great long weekend!!

  2. I love these wonton crackers, what a fun treat for Friday night!


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