Sunday, July 11, 2010

{ Bourbon Baked Beans }

Can’t you just smell that BBQ season is in the air? Last night was Saturday and the scent of barbeque was everywhere. Not sure exactly what folks had on the grill – perhaps sausage links, steaks, chicken or portabella mushrooms. Whatever they had cooking, you can certainly sense that summer was in full swing. Living in the Bay Area, we certainly take pleasure in entertaining outdoors and enjoying the wonderful warm evenings.

Last night was no exception for us. We uncovered the stainless grill from its winter hibernation. In hindsight, it should have awoken sooner - I just got so busy. I prepared an herb rubbed flat iron steak to cook on the grill. I fired up all four burners but midway through the cooking, I turned off two burners on the grill and moved the steak to that side. Continued to cook the steak to medium and what a difference – the steak was perfectly cooked and remained tender.

Time-honored barbeque called for traditional side dishes. I made crème Fraiche coleslaw with blueberries and bourbon baked beans. After researching baked bean recipes, I created my version of bourbon baked beans. The addition of the bourbon along with the applewood smoked bacon, created a super tasty dish that everyone enjoyed.

Bourbon Baked Beans

3 (15 oz) Cans White Beans
1 Large onion, small dice
8 Slices Applewood smoked bacon
3 T. Dijon mustard
3 T. Molasses
1 C. Ketchup
1 C. Traditional BBQ Sauce
2 T. Brown sugar
¼ C. + 1 T Bourbon
2 T. Honey
Salt and pepper to taste

Cut the bacon into ½ slices and cook until crispy. Drain and set aside.

In a large colander, add the beans from the cans and rinse. In a large bowl, add all of the ingredients and stir until combined. Transfer to an oven proof dish and cook for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees.


  1. You know... because i don't eat meat, I rarely make baked beans. But it's such a wonderful and flavorful dish, I don't know why I don't make a vegetarian version. I know you can't replace the taste of bacon, but I bet a little smoked paprika will give it some added depth. What do you think?

  2. @A Thought For Food - Great idea on the smoked paprika! Would add just the right amount of flavor and kick!

  3. Oh man, I love love baked beans! :D Soooo delicious.

  4. Lisa this is such a great recipe. I have never made my own backed beans and I am a veggie, but my boys would go nuts for this:)

  5. I'll match your baked beans will grilled peaches. I actually didn't grill any meat last weekend. How's that for independance?

    I gree with @A Thought For Food, smoked paprika and maybe a touch of cumin might make a wonderful vegetarian version.


  6. @Jason - The grilled peaches would make a nice compliment. The cumin is a great touch too!

  7. I'm not huge on baked beans, but I know my husband would love this recipe!

  8. This is funny. Your grill is winter hibernating? Mine would love that. It has to work all through the Colorado winter, being shoveled free of ice and snow. Yes, no break for my grill.

  9. Now this looks like a perfect recipe for baked beans, they look great in the pottery type dish.

    Bon appetit!

  10. This is a fantastic side any time of year. Right now for the summer sounds perfect next to some grilling meats and dishes!

  11. With all the fancy bean dishes out there, I've forgotten about baked beans. They are always popular at any BBQ. Your recipe sounds excellent.

  12. Looks good. I'll have to try this next time we have baked beans. We love bourbon at our house.

  13. Yum i love beans and with bourbon must be fantastic. Some protein for a veggie girl like me :)


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